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This project is about creating illustration and magazine cover for ‘New Scientist Magazine’. Its a college project done individually by me.New Scientist Magazine is a

weekly international science magazine which was launched in 1956.


The illustration is designed for the article ‘LAUGHTER YOGA IN BUSINESS’ published in this magazine. The medical elements like capsule and ecg-readings are combind with the yoga postures to show how yoga can be the best medicines in today’s stressful life. How

this practice is helping people at workplace to reduce stress and create happy and energetic environment to work in.


Here ‘Principle of Hierarchy’ is used which it is created by placement and contrast. Anything placed in center is perceived as the focal point and so both the illustrations are placed accordingly to draw the viewers attention towards it. Contrasting colours are used with yellow and red on white and black background to create a focal point.

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