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PET ME : Designing digital tools for pet adoption. 

PETME is a digital service that will connect people looking for a new pet with the right companion for them. Help an adopter find a pet which matches their lifestyle, considering factors including breed, gender, age, temperament and health status.



I started out with some brainstorming to explore the topic of the design exercise and gather my initial thoughts. I did some competitor research to see how other products were tackling this issue and taking notes of the things i did and didnt like. Just roughly penning down what features the app would need, what information would need to be shown and what pieces of content should be in focus.


Before we start showing anything we should take a look at the issue at the hand and break it down to its root cause.

We want to make it easier for people to adopt animals which is a right match between potential adopter and the pet and help in accessibility to information regarding licensed and quality breeders in the city so that one can get a pet which is mentally and physically healthy.

Thought you may have always dreamed of owning a poodle or a german shepherd. Its important to know what you are in for with each type of dog before you head to the shelter or the breeder. It's critical the breed matches your lifestyle.

We fall in love with the form but don't always realise that temperaments can be extremely different. "Often people think all dogs are same and they just have different exteriors." Every breed has a personality of its own and knowing in advance what exactly that is could save us a lot of trouble down the road. "People seem upset when a Lab is chewing, but thats what they do."

So people have a lot of concerns before and after getting a pet. As I discovered in the research phase, people have a lot of doubts when choosing a pet to buy or relinquish ownership of their puppies to others because they have become frustrated with certain characteristics of the dog.


To list some of the concerns before purchasing a pet:

  • We'd love to get a dog but have no idea how to go about this or which dog would be suitable

  • It will be helpful if somebody who is an expert can recommend which pet I get for my family

  • Where can I find licensed and quality breeders so that I can find a healthy dog

List of some regrets once they get a pet at home:

  • We got impulsive when we saw the cute puppies and without proper thought we decided to make an addition to our family, but now both me and my pet are in road of pain and frustration ahead

  • We spent a lot of money and purchased a very expensive breed without knowing the characteristics

A user's bad experience in his own words:

"After my children and family fell in love with a puppy at a local, reputable pet store, I had many questions for the sales clerks about how easily the puppy could be house broken. A puppy making mess all around the house is just not something that i can deal with a few times let alone for months of house breaking.

I was assured by the clerk that the breed was very intelligent and able to be crate trained in a matter of 3 days. To make a long story short, Rs 15000 and 9 months later the puppy still requires constant supervision and cant be complete part of the family due to our inability to house break him. Research conducted after the purchase revealed that the breed was inherently stubborn and in some cases unable to be house broken despite all attempts.

Before bringing a dog into your home, its important to decide what qualities you want in a dog. 

There's a reason dogs are called man's best friend : not only do they offer unparalleled companionship, but a growing body of research shows they also boost our health. As technology advances, people have become increasingly sedentary. Dogs can help you overcome this problem. Harvard Special Health Report, suggest that owning a dog can prompt you to be more physically active- have leash, will walk. Dogs make great exercising partners. Whether we

are feeling energetic or not, they will encourage us to go for a walk, be it raining, snowing, sleeting or hailing outside. 


Basic thought process was breaking down the brief to understand who the primary audiences are. Understanding their needs, goals, behaviour and aspirations were of prime importance. Attention was given to the fact that how could the solution be an innovative mechanism.




















Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

" In our disconnected technological world, pets end up being the most immediate family."​ After I got my pet and filled the need for me to take care of something , she changed my life. And I felt that I didn't need to have kids because I had so much love for her.


  • Wished there was a platform to decide which pet suites my lifestyle and personality the best

  • Need for a platform or group for information regarding day care, medicines, vets etc




Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

  • "Having a dog has brought structure and stability and made me make better decisions because I have to consider him every time​."

  • My dog provides me with a routine, a sense of responsibility and a focus away from the self, but also with challenges especially when it comes to costs of housing.

  • Dogs are not cheap. The start price just to bring him home costs around Rs 30,000. 13months later I've spent just 3,50,000 on his happiness and well being


  • ​Busy Professional, has no time for dog training. Unable to find cheap, qualified and licensed home trainers.

  • Wishes to train the dog on her own, at convenient time to save the cost




Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

  • Dogs need heaps of love and attention, but not constant monitoring like a human's child. So I have the freedom to head off to work and don't need a babysitter for date nights, ladies night outs or just bcoz I want to do something at the spur of the moment 

  • Raising a dog also helps me and my committed boyfriend with parenting tips and tricks


​Anny is young, carefree and busy professional working in a multi-national company. Her job is very demanding and stressful. She wants to know different ways in which she can engage her dog into physical exercise and in- turn benefit herself also. She has a sedentary lifestyle and would like to know different exercises and fun activities that she can do with her pet to engage him and also get fit herself


Keeping these things in mind, I have decided on the following mission statement:

Get more animals adopted which match the right breed with right family and become healthier and happier.

This will be achieved through these 3 goals:

  1. Help people find a pet that fits them properly

  2. Help them find a responsible breeder to adopt

  3. Provide basic training tutorials that is relevant to the breed

Now we know what we want to achieve through UI, so we start designing

Low- fidelity wireframes :

Artboard 3.png

High - fidelity wireframes :


 Visual Branding 


 Landing Page


PETME App helps you to adopt the best companion for you and your family


Welcome Page


PETME App helps you to choose, adopt and train your companion.



Home Page


Presents with the best breed match according to your preferences.


PIC 2.png

Overview Page


Presents with detailed overview of the best matched breed with pictures.


Overview Page


Detailed information about the breed.


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